Frame and Lens Options in Oxford, MS

With the huge selection of frames and styles it can be very hard to make a decision on the frame you want to call your own. Oxford Family Vision. Vision Clinic has a selection of over 2000 frames and a knowledgeable staff that will help you make your frame decision. Taking in consideration your style and preference our staff can help with finding the right frame just for you. If you don't see what you're looking for we can order any frame from a number of our representatives that will help make your decision with ease. We have economy packages of frames and lenses as well.


The most important part of your new glasses will be your lens. We at Oxford Family Vision Clinic make it our goal for you to have the clearest vision possible as well as comfort. With that in mind we have a number of "additives" that will help us get you to that goal. Below we have listed a few of these "additives":

High Index

Blue Light

If you spend much of your day working on a computer, you may want to consider buying a pair of prescription computer glasses. The glasses block blue light, improve contrast and help reduce eyestrain.


This lens is a thinner lightweight lens that has UV and scratch guard build in. This lens comes with a year warranty and is covered by most insurance with a small copay.

Crizal Avance'

UV No-Glare lenses that combat all 5 enemies of clear vision to provide you with the best enduring clarity of vision from essilor.
1. Glare
2. Scratches
3. Smudges
4. Dust
5. Water

Varilux Comfort

This is a progressive lens "NO LINE" bifocal that will make it easier to switch quickly between viewing distances. It also provides improved peripheral vision for the widest field of view also an essilor product.

Transition Lenses

Lenses this is a sure way to keep your eyes protected at all times. Transition lens will turn to sun glasses as you go outside and back to regular clear glasses within a few seconds once inside.

Come see us today at Oxford Family Vision Clinic and let us help you see the world and all its beauty.

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